Saturday, September 16, 2006

Jake's Turn in a Hat

Here's Jake . . .

Lucky Boo's Party Hat

Happy Birthday to you, Skeezix!!!
Here's my Catster page:
Luckily for me, Mommy didn't light the candles when she put the hat on my head!! But you can see the hat with the candles lit in a picture where I'm not wearing the hat. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Happy Purrthday Skeezix!

Bonnie and I are sharin a hat.


See, I helped Mom make our hat!


Bonnie checked to make sure we got all the fev-vers on right.


Here I am! Mom helped me hold still fur the camera.
Happy Birthday Skeezix!! - Victor Tabbycat


Only for Skeezix can I tolerate this.

Happy Birthday Skeezix!! - Bonnie Underfoot

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Bonnie Underfoot: 380638
Victor Tabbycat: 380648

Bathsheba in a Party Hat

Here I am, and I'm not too happy, but we thought that Skeezix might like pink.


Happy Birfday Skeezix

Dis is a party hat for yoo. Zippy helped make it but didn't wanna be in the piture

Happy Birthday Skeezix! (from Kalin)


I made this hat all by myself with feathers from many different birds. I like to chatter at birds, don't you?

Happy birthday and I'm glad we're friends!

Rubs and purrs,


Happy Birthday Skeezix!!!

Here I am having a virtual party! http://

Icon in his vbirthday hat

Happy Birthday Skeezix!!
I'm going to ask Luxor to collaborate with me to wright you another birthday poem!

Rasta's Party "hat" I sure hope a wig counts!

Mommy didnt have time to actually make a hat other than on her computer.
Since we jus' heard about the contest last night. I sure hope it counts!
I wanted to purrticipate either way just fur the fun of it!!!
Happy Birthday Skeezix!

Here I am looking very daft in my party hat. My people struggled trying to get my photo, so they tried to distract me with a squiggle toy. My mum made my party hat from a cream-cheese carton, some pipe cleaners and a feather boa. Ridiculous, but festive. I only wore it to be a sport for my pal, Skeezix. The hat has since been destroyed. Happy Birthday! ~Love, Tobey. xx


I simply cannot believe this! Mom put this ridiculous doll hat on my head and then stuck her camera cell phone in my face before I could wriggle away; I feel ... well, the truth is I feel rather feminine at the moment. But I guess it's all in the spirit of good fun ... :)

My blog address is ...


'k - check it out...i gots a beer mug wif a swizzle stick an sum beeds an sum fancy fev-vers an they's all 'tached ta what useta be a boring black hat. my sisfurs say i looks like sum kinda drunk pimp.

tell me, whadda yoo fink? i valyoo yur 'pinyun.
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I added ribbon, beads, a flower and some fev-vers to my hat. I think it looks like something a stylish lady would wear to a party, don't you?

Grr, however, thinks it looks yummy and keeps trying to get a mouthful of my fev-vers.
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This was a plain red hat before the Allergic Girl and I decorated it all fancy like. That thing that looks like a pink candle is a pink candle. That thing that looks like a candle shaped like a kitten with a purresent is a candle shaped like a kitten with a purresent. It has an umbrella, a bow, some fluff...what more do ya want from me? What? Wear it?!?

Fine then. But I don't have to like it...

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Friday, September 15, 2006

Rosie in my UMiami hat

Happie burthday Skeezarooskis!!
I kno its not a burthday hat but I culdnt resist.

Yoo see, I was born in Miyami and my ladie says she fownd me because her boyfrend (Mr. Universitee) brawt her to me. This is her old boyfrends logo. I mite not win the contest but at leest I'm cul!!

Rosie (picktur taken by Cheeto)
Link to owr blog:

Sunday, September 10, 2006


Welcome! Post yer pikcher in yer party hat heer ! Be sure to leeve a link to yer Catster profile page.

Party Hat Contest:

PRIZES: The winner will reseeve a $20 Petsmart Gift Certificate and A Best Friends pet will be sponsered in yer name. To git yer Best Friends pet sponsership, yoo must join the Best Friends Animul Society on Catster. Yoo won't git the tax dedukshun (since yer a cat), but yoo will git the joy of knowing yoo help save anuther cat frum the sausage factery.

ROOLZ: Make a hat and ware it. Take a pikchur. Post the pikchur heer.

DEADLINE: Yer foto of yoo waring yer party hat must be posted HEER no later than NOON (pasifik time) on Saturday September 16th, 2006.

WINNER: Will be desided by voting. Only members of the FOS Groop on Catster are elijibul to vote. ONLY VOTES CAST FROM NOON TO 2PM ON SEPT 16TH WILL COUNT. More than one cat frum eech howsehold can vote, but yoo cannot vote for a cat frum yer howsehold.

WINNER WILL BE CHOSEN by members of the FOS Groop on Catster as deskribed above.